Landmarks and Monuments

From May 10-31, 2007, I exhibited a solo collection entitled Landmarks and Monuments: Residential Complexes in Toronto's Periphery. The exhibition, at the Larry Wayne Richards Gallery in Toronto, was part of CONTACT, Toronto's annual month-long festival of photography. Academic support for this project was provided by Adrian Blackwell, a professor at the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. The text that accompanied the show explains my intentions:
The residential complexes in the periphery of Toronto are definitive landmarks: markers of boundary and locality, points of orientation, representations of an instance and turning point in time, and structures of compelling historical and aesthetic interest. Their monumental significance is belied by a lack of conscious popular awareness of their presence and status. By presenting these buildings as consequential architecture, I aim to stimulate discourse about their role in our city.

A selection from the 8 show prints, which were 40cm high, and between 50cm and 175cm wide, is shown below.

In November 2007, an image from this body of work was published in Concrete Toronto: A Guide to Concrete Architecture from the Fifties to the Seventies, published by Coach House Press.
In April 2008, an image from this body of work was featured on the home page of Toronto Jane's Walk, advertising their upcoming tours of Toronto's inner suburbs.

In May 2009, I helped Graeme Stewart of ERA Architects lead a Jane's Walk of one of the locations featured in this body of work. An image i took of this event is shown below; several more can be found at the link above. An excerpt from the description of the work I gave during the event can be heard in Spacing Radio 006 (beginning at 2:55), a podcast that documented Jane's Walks throughout the city.

In September 2008, images from this body of work were featured extensively in the Mayor's Tower Renewal Opportunities Book, a City of Toronto initiative to improve the condition of these complexes.

In October 2009, images from this body of work were featured extensively in the publication Tower Renewal Guidelines: For the Comprehensive Retrofit of Multi-Unit Buildings in Cold Climates, a University of Toronto led initiative to describe the technical issues surrounding tower improvements.

A funding proposal to extend this project to a large number of Toronto sites is currently underway.

All images from this body of work are available for purchase. Prices range from $250 to $500. Please click here to download a package containing more information on available images and their prices.